About CTC

Our Mission

“Building healthy communities by creatively developing productive citizens through Academics, Arts, Athletics, and personal Achievements.”

Our History

Commitment to Community (CTC), a 501c3, was founded and established in 1996 by Cedrick Brown, as a nonprofit organization with a primary focus on youth development and complete family support. CTC’s goal was always to develop genuine relationships with the residents, business owners, and public servants of its communities by first serving them with great sincerity. In other words, our hands are always open first serve, not to receive. This heart of service, combined with our relational approach has allowed us to uncover the needs of the people, and help fill them through the authentic friendships we have mutually fostered over the years.

 Relationally bridging gaps between the people and the school system or public servants or business community or healthcare organizations or other community partners has helped us collaboratively save our local communities thousands of “two-way” dollars. Resources paid out of pocket by the people, or an increased budgeted line items by our schoolboards or town councils.

As a faith-based community service organization, we have witnessed firsthand the transformational results of families and marriages that are still together. Boys and girls, who are now men and women serving their communities next generation. The unemployed working, the hungry fed, and homeless now homeowners. And not to neglect, the sick being attended to. Therefore, we are confident that this transformational work will continue, as we are seeing more and more community residents getting involved, business men and women willing to share their profits and serve their community. While party-lines are being courageously crossed, and county and local officials are being fully engaged to accomplish the same.

 Within CTC family, we like to say, “Many hands make light work”! By the many volunteer hands, staff hands, community hands, and the very hands of God we believe this work will continue into the next generation. We further trust that our greater works are ahead, especially with your continued support!

Our Purpose

We exit to revitalize and sustain healthy communities by engaging the entire family through Academics, Arts, Athletics, and personal Achievements; we believe resulting in productive citizens serving one another within a safe environment.

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