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We have a current program: Project Atlas. This is a capacity building program designed to build the sustainability of faith and community based organizations (FBCOs).

4A Development Programs


Academics: Raising youths’ personal academic expectations and reinforce reading/comprehension, writing and oral presentation as a means of effective communication.

  • After School and Summer Programs: We provide supplemental out-of-school programming for Middle School age youth that fosters high school retention, life skills and leadership development.
  • Early Childhood Development: Desires to provide excellent childhood educational and social development that supports the building of product citizens who can grow to progressively impact our nation and world.
  • Education Collaboration: CTC seeks to collaborate with all local schools to help provide support to their efforts and also supplement as needed in specific areas.


Arts: Introducing all genres of art which includes: poetry, audio/visual production and engineering, drama, dance, etc., as a means of career development and creative expression and even therapy

  • “The Arts Avenue”: Encourages the use of all art forms as a tool of engagement for learning and living. Provides destination locations of art for the entire family to enjoy while creating environments for learning and exploring one’s interest in a career through art.
  • After School and Summer Programs: Includes an arts component that will be supported by “The Arts Avenue” staff and Artists. It is scientifically proven when a child/youth participates in art they are creatively impacted for their good. Please review: “The Impact of the Arts on Learning”.

“When young people are involved with the arts, something changes in their lives.”


“The ultimate challenge for American education is to place all children on pathways toward success in school and in life. Through engagement with the arts, young people can better begin lifelong journeys of developing their capabilities and contributing to the world around them. The arts teach young people how to learn by giving them the first step: the desire to learn.”


  • “The Arts Park”: CTC’s desire is to further serve the community by developing several acres of open space that will help transform once empty urban spaces into vibrant destination “spots” that are nurturing places for families to enjoy. CTC will do so by blending traditional playgrounds and exercise trails with creative open space(s) for every variation of art to be expressed/displayed by local and county residents.
  • CTCM Radio: An online radio station that will help us fulfill the Great Commission. This station will provide Music, Entertainment, Spiritual & Personal Development for All Nations. To learn more visit our Media Website.


  • Athletics: Providing professional skills, technical training, sports camps and student-athlete workshops as a means of team building and group collaboration.

    • Annual Sports Clinics: We collaborate with former college and professional athletes and our local college and professional teams to provide quality skills training as well as skills for life.
    • Golf Clinics: We collaborate will “Little Pond Golf Center” to offer golf classes to our youth for a minimal charge.


  • Achievements: Promoting social advancement of youth and adults through life skills, character, and leadership development through mentorship and creative business development.

    • Life Skills: Youth & Adults learn the steps and practice the skills necessary to confidently make sound decisions for everyday living.
    • Leadership Development: Youth & Adults foster and implement positive leadership skills. Leadership is essential in enabling youth to develop character, confidence, and values that promote the understanding of healthy behavior.
    • Counseling Services: Promoting family values by providing counseling services that enables the entire family unit to move towards reconciliation and generational healing
    • Act Like A Man: Encouraging and enabling men to resume their leadership role in their homes and communities. Here we provide peer-to-peer accountability, mentoring, lessons on manhood, “Leading by Reading” and collaboration with all “All Pro Dad”.
    • Time Management: We all have limited time, how do we use it? We help Youth and Adults learn how to use their most valuable commodity – time!
    • Business Development: Here we desire to identify, develop, deploy passions & skill-sets into business develop through Franchise Ownership and Franchise Creation that will create a “pay-it-forward” culture to help sustain our future program development.
    • Business Prep: Both young and old, even those reentering the job market must be prepared to make their first impression last and standout amongst the rest. Here we discuss: Appearance, Articulation, Anticipation, Adaptation (Interview Skills)
    • Business Conduct: Here we help both young and old, even those reentering the job market must understand that their “attitude will determine their altitude” on their jobs. If they can adjust their attitude – the way they think, act, and approach their jobs, their jobs will become exciting and their careers will begin to soar.
    • Business Integrity: Integrity is a lost societal trait yet it is what we all what from each other. Both young and old, even those reentering the job market will be challenged to examine their integrity on the job which begins when no one is looking.
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